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Politics and Current Events / Re: "Meet the gay libertarian gun nuts"
« Last post by SirJesster on Today at 01:09:42 PM »
My most intelligent and favorite teacher at the Catholic high school I attended is gay. He's also a huge gun nut, and the first person I ever went to a shooting range with. And he shares a house with three other gay, conservative, gun-loving men.

I first read this as "fun-loving men..." got a slight chuckle out of it until I re-read it.

No one thinks for themselves in this society.

I am in complete agreement. If anyone thinks you can buck the stereotypes without consequences, watch what happens when anyone in politics doesn't fit in (black or gay republican, for example). they are skewered like some sort of devil spawn.

gays with guns? if I was gay, i'd still prefer to carry, as I know I have one more reason for some jerk to target me. so sure, why not?

side note, Shelby chestnut sure seems to fit a lot of lefty stereotypes. and she has a funny name, too. that is all.
Member Introductions / Re: Hello from a soon to be AZ resident
« Last post by ronin047 on Today at 12:34:31 PM »
Welcome Brian!  :thumbup
Nah .  .  . I'm a pathological wise-a** .    :salute
Gear and Accessories / Re: Glock Magazine Plate with Glass Breaker
« Last post by 870policemag on Today at 11:16:55 AM »
^Oldie but a goody. I broke my wrist trying to punch safety glass.  :facepalm
Gear and Accessories / Re: Glock Magazine Plate with Glass Breaker
« Last post by steve2md on Today at 11:10:29 AM »
I was always told to hit the glass near the bottom corners, because hitting the center just allows the energy to be dispersed throughout the window by slightly flexing.

I am always reminded of this:

Shotguns / Re: Thinking of my next shotgun
« Last post by 870policemag on Today at 10:37:05 AM »
Please don't give up on Remington.  :-(

They're Never gonna give you up
Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you
Never gonna make you cry
Never gonna say goodbye
Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

Gear and Accessories / Re: Favorite military surplus store
« Last post by 870policemag on Today at 10:24:31 AM »
Yeah I wasn't sure. It opened about the time Freedom closed.

They even bought out some of Freedom's surplus items. I buy my 5.11 BDU shorts, socks and shoes there. Let me know when you stop by there again, maybe I can use your L.E. discount. JK.
Preparedness and Survival / Re: Ebola SHTF
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 09:44:26 AM »
So, getting back to the OP - the news photographer seems to be OK now and the first nurse from Dallas is apparently doing well.  Good news on both counts.   Apparently we now have only five major airports that all travelers from ebola hot zones or suspected hot zones are supposed to enter the country through.  Better, but certainly not foolproof and that still leaves the porous border with no real interdiction.   :saywhat
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