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General Firearms Discussion / Re: Are WASRs still $800 rifles? Pssh
« Last post by ROGER4314 on Today at 10:24:46 PM »
Today, I looked at two of the rifles at the gun shop down the road from my house. Their price was $675.

Handguns / Re: That whole "BBQ" gun (OC, leather, ''purt'y'' stuff)
« Last post by armoredman on Today at 10:22:53 PM »
I really only have one I'd call a "barbecue" quality rig, though the gun is pretty stock. ;)

CZ P-09 in a bison hide Slide Guard from High Noon Holsters. Saving up for the belt and mag pouch. :)
General Firearms Discussion / Re: How Italians test bullet proof vests
« Last post by ROGER4314 on Today at 10:19:22 PM »
I noticed that they were very careful to NOT hit the same place on the vest more than once. That could defeat the vest.

My choice of vest has level 3 steel plates that can be removed to install level 3A soft armor panels  that are much lighter. Level 3 is designed to stop .308 rifle bullets but you'd never get me to try it out! I've seen tests and those will suffice for me. Level 3A will stop up to a .44 magnum. The rounds pretty well destroy the soft panel but the projectiles are stopped.

Politics and Current Events / Re: DAGNABBIT, she VETOED THEM!
« Last post by armoredman on Today at 10:16:54 PM »
Nonsense, it's just discourse, no shame. ;-)
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's on your plate Food thread
« Last post by louie the lumberjack on Today at 09:37:53 PM »
Gas? GAS!!!!???  BLASPHEMY!!!!!    lol :rotfl       Gas is fine, but you may want to try soaking the cedar plank OVERNIGHT in water[...].

There were three factors that contributed to my burnt fish, in no particular order:

1 - I only soaked it for the recommended 4 hours in saltwater and had perviously cooked three other filets for my wife, sister and kids, who call it "Santa Fish" because the amiable, bearded fellow at Cosco had bagged it for us once last December.  Whatever makes them eat it right?  I cooked the last one (pictured) while serving everyone else.  It was overused by then.  I will take your advice next time.
2 - The grill is built in with the house and I hadn't figured out the temperature yet.
3 - Speaking of blasphemy--I discovered Copper City bourbon on Good Friday and I skipped church so I kinda had that one coming.  :shrug

Back to my cave I go...

louie the lumberjack
Dark Sky Solutions / Re: ***AR15 Stripped Lower SALE****
« Last post by XDS9 on Today at 09:18:24 PM »
Hey Doc, thanks for the nice lowers. It was nice to meet you also ;-D. The wife and I had a nice trip
over and back.
BTW, these lowers are sweet looking! :thumbup
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: What's on your plate Food thread
« Last post by steve2md on Today at 08:53:47 PM »
Yes I know. I'm some kind of Godless troglodyte for using gas.

louie the lumberjack
Gas? GAS!!!!???  BLASPHEMY!!!!!    lol :rotfl       Gas is fine, but you may want to try soaking the cedar plank OVERNIGHT in water. Weigh it down with a soup can or something to keep it submerged. Make sure the grill is up to temp before adding the plank and fish. (I like to add a touch of bourbon to my soaking water)  And there's no rule that says you can't use a squirt bottle to keep the plank from actually igniting (you want it to smoke, but not to have a flame)
These have been my experience anyways, ymmv.
Handguns / Re: S&W 3953 Value
« Last post by Wyatt Earp on Today at 08:48:34 PM »
I'd agree, 350-400 range fits the best.
Handguns / Re: .223 handgun
« Last post by GTGallop on Today at 08:36:42 PM »
Not the .223 but more generically of all Heizer pistols...

This pistols fill only TWO small niches in the gun market:

#1. The gun collector with a well rounded collection who is looking for unique show pieces.

#2. To air lift and chute drop behind enemy lines for the French Resistance to use in taking Nazi Oppressors - AKA the Liiberator.

So unless you are suffering from a syndrome I call "Money out the wazoo" or are huddled up under a cafe in a storm drain in Paris, I really see no need for any Heizer pistols and if you gave me one I'd promptly sell it and buy a real gun, or ammo, or steaks, or a swiss army knife or something infinitely more practical.

I do, however, find the roller bearing concept AMAZING!
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