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Rifles / Re: IF you could only have one rifle..
« Last post by anm2_man on Today at 06:23:46 AM »
How is that RFB?  I've heard mixed things about it.

The only PIA is the gas setting.  If you only shoot one type of ammo, then set it and forget it, but if you have a variety (as I do), you have to change the settings and if you don't it will break parts or not cycle.

General Firearms Discussion / Re: FBI adopting a 9mm handgun
« Last post by Wyatt Earp on Today at 05:56:50 AM »
+1 on that
General Firearms Discussion / Re: FBI adopting a 9mm handgun
« Last post by billt on Today at 05:38:33 AM »
Perhaps the FBI would do better if they didn't require their agents to have a law degree, but rather a far more solid background in field combat tactics and weapons training. A Brooks Brothers 3 piece suit and a padded leatherette day planner are really quite useless in a gunfight. As it's been often said, "The gun is the tool, the mind is the weapon". The FBI took a beating in Miami in 1986 because they went up against ruthless, armed opposition who had a superior mindset to win at all costs. Yes, one could argue they "lost", but they made their enemy pay a terrific price. No caliber change will rectify that....Ever. It's never happened to that degree again because the FBI has been just plain lucky up until this point. They went through much the same thing with the motorized bandits of the 30's, when the agency was still in it's infancy. They apparently haven't learned from their mistakes in the last 7+ decades.
I am sure you do.  But Tucson is absolutely tiny compared to you guys.  I am sure I am not telling you guys anything but the job opportunities and business possibilities should be incredible there.  I read last week that Phoenix was the 6th largest US city.  I guess I wander up there just often enough to be throughly impressed.
I am helping a friend get his son set up in an apartment to attend South Mountain on a baseball scholarship.
Looks like a few more trips may be necessary.
I think that last picture of that topless woman actually burned my retinas.
Whatcha reading?

The latest book in Ringo's zombie virus series "Islands of Rage and Hope".

Now I've moved on to the latest in Hearne's Iron Druid series "Shattered".
General Firearms Discussion / Re: FBI adopting a 9mm handgun
« Last post by Coyotesfan97 on Yesterday at 11:54:45 PM »
IIRC they actually had agents with sub guns but they were on the far end of the city watching other banks.

They had a crack shot who was a competitive shooter IIRC. I think it was Dove. He lost his glasses during the collision. 

One or two agents lost their primary guns during the takedown because they tucked them under their legs and they slid out during the crash.
I bought a couple boxes of Remington Express Magnum #4 Buckshot and a Picatinny rail to mount a Red Dot on the Mossberg. Watch out coyotes, here I come.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: 7-27 Storm
« Last post by LuckyLeaky on Yesterday at 10:57:34 PM »
Been getting pummeled for at least a half hour ......
Good news... I fixed the leak in my roof  :happydance :rockon
Could be both.  How come the chicks who protest topless are never the ones you WANT to see topless?


How could we get some cheerleaders mad about open carry?

I'll let you know if there is another gun forum down here at the U of A; maybe someone will pull off a stunt akin to the baring of some skin to "protest" a (actually quite hateful/hypocritical) so-called preacher on campus (goes by the name of "Brother Dean").
I promise you guys nothing but 12MP or higher resolution. :-P :rotfl
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