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Year Chris Rock Is Funny. He filmed that in Brooklyn( Blue and White NYC Bus) where he lives.( in a very exclusive area called Prospect Park West, all 100+ YO brownstone Houses
Handguns / Re: Costa bashes SW MP
« Last post by Dr. Football on Today at 03:09:06 AM »
Doesn't Wilson make a "Costa" edition 1911-9MM?
Handguns / Re: Costa bashes SW MP
« Last post by Thernlund on Today at 12:35:51 AM »
I've had quasi issues with my wife's M&P.  It has never jammed and has always been on target.  Its problem seems to be weak ejection.  They always land on my her head.  Pff.

Reloading and Handloading / Re: Lee reloaders
« Last post by steve2md on Yesterday at 11:09:28 PM »
What he said ^^   The classic cast is identical in nearly every way to the other "O" presses, but at a HUGE price difference
Politics and Current Events / Re: When Keeping it real goes wrong. Lulz
« Last post by ItWasntMe on Yesterday at 10:26:50 PM »
Handguns / Re: Costa bashes SW MP
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Yesterday at 09:52:46 PM »
ill openly admit that I maybe one of the biggest Glock Guys around. everything i agrue gets resolved at the range. By all means not bashing SW.

BUT for Chris Costa, the well known, Coast Guard operator to publicly bash the MP out of nowhere seems to me a lil fishy. Im sure money was involved in that post
Handguns / Re: Costa bashes SW MP
« Last post by Harm on Yesterday at 09:46:55 PM »
FWIW I saw other issues with the M&P a few years ago when I took Todd Greens class.  Had 2 guys running M&P Pro's.  About 6 hours in they started having reset issues.  Todd explained that the Pros can do that and it'll only get worse as time wears on.  One of the guys swapped out to a backup gun and ran it without issue.  I forget what it was.  The 2nd guy ran his Pro and it did indeed get worse and worse.  By the latter half of day 2, nearing 1000 rds in the course we ALL knew whenever he had a reset issue because the profanities got louder and more... well profane.  lol.   :coffee

Anything man made can and will fail.  Some things will fail at a higher rate than others and some things fail in different ways than others.  Shrug.  Buy your gun, and find out what it does wierd.  By... you know.  Shooting it.  A lot.   :whistle
Reloading and Handloading / Re: Lee reloaders
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Yesterday at 07:27:21 PM »
Spend the extra and get the classic cast if you want a single stage. It's a tough press. It's what I load 50bmg on

What are you gonna be loading
Firearms and Non-firearm Weapons Marketplace / HK P2000 for sale
« Last post by ShootersElement on Yesterday at 06:58:55 PM »
HK P2000 V3 in .40 S&W
-Date code AG
-Comes with original case
-5 adjustable back straps (only three sizes, so two extras)
-(2) 12 Round OE mags, made in Germany mags.
-Meprolight tritium night sights (installed December 2012)
-Factory sights
-Polished feed Ramp on the barrel

Available Accessories with Purchase for additional fee
-(3) 12 Round OE mags, made in Germany mags.
-Comp-tac inside waste-band holster and mag carrier
-Locally handmade leather holster (Very good quality)

Gun and 2 mags $650
Trades: Smith and Wesson M&P .40 S&W with cash to add. May consider other tactical guns, but not willing to add cash on my end for any deal (just a heads up).

If you’re interested in the gun and all accessories, we can negotiate a package price.

This is cross posted.

Please call or text 480-296-6614

Located SW Phoenix and willing to travel a reasonable distance to make a deal.

Pictures show actual condition of the gun.

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