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General Firearms Discussion / Re: I'd Like to Build Something
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Today at 08:23:21 PM »
you could do a savage.....

when i get home I'm gonna look at a few pawn shops for a used savage, 300 bucks. get a criterion barrel for 300 -400 bucks and see what i can do with it for a budget hunting rifle
General Firearms Discussion / Re: I'd Like to Build Something
« Last post by AIM9X on Today at 07:58:35 PM »
Build an AR.  It's easy, and it will teach you valuable lessons about the operation of your gun.  It can be done by anyone with access to youtube and simple hand tools.  If you can change your oil, you can do this.  You can borrow the necessary (and unnecessary, but helpful) specialized tools (armorer's wrench, torque wrench, roll pin punch set, vice blocks, etc.). 

You can also build as much or as little as you want.  You could start with just assembly of the lower, which only requires a roll pin punch set, and then just buy a complete upper if you don't want to mess with upper assembly.  Heck, you could even buy a lower with an integrated trigger guard and  threaded screws for the bolt catch (see Quentin Defense in Gilbert), which eliminates the need to even drive roll pins.  Then it's a matter of just assembling everything else, which can be done completely by hand.

'course, no sooner do I say that, then;topicseen#msg144002
NFA/Title II / Can you change a serial number on a pending Form 1?
« Last post by AIM9X on Today at 07:39:50 PM »
or failing that, withdraw it for a refund?

I bought a 9mm AR lower, and just busted off the area that receives the bolt catch roll pin.  (Consequence of the bubba channel lock assembly method combined with QC10s very elegant design for the part of the receiver that holds the bolt catch roll pin).  Anyway, if I buy a second receiver, can I just call the ATF and have them swap the serial numbers?  Failing that, can I just cancel the application and get my $200 back?
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: gotta share this holster
« Last post by N.M.Edmands on Today at 04:40:31 PM »
Spectacular holster set and great vid! :drool  Alex, who's that on guitar? :thumbup
Training and Services Marketplace / Re: cerakote
« Last post by Arizonagunsmith on Today at 04:11:22 PM »
I know several companies have moved away from Cerakote and started using KG Guncoating ( I gave it up around 2 years ago on the Cerakote as it would chip or become thin on the edges. Nothing is fool proof but l got tired of redoing coatings that the customers said was failing. Any of the coating is about prep work but when you spend so much time doing it and then in a couple of months stripping it and doing again for free is not a money maker. The KG stuff seems to last longer as its a thinner coating and seems to stand up to wear better over time. KG is a dry film lubricants and thin film protective coating product.

General Firearms Discussion / Re: I'd Like to Build Something
« Last post by pmanton on Today at 03:42:34 PM »
Where are you at. If close to Salome I'll loan you the tools if you decide to assemble an AR 15
General Firearms Discussion / Re: I'd Like to Build Something
« Last post by rfriedman5 on Today at 03:36:31 PM »
Thank you for your advice and especially your encouragement. I'm going to start at Quenton Defense, I think, but  I will visit a few other gunshops, read, watch some videos, and probably ask for a lot of help, but I am excited at the idea. Now I also have to explain to my wife how much this will all cost.
Training and Services Marketplace / Re: cerakote
« Last post by Bishop112 on Today at 02:00:41 PM »
Yup lrk and pretty good price if I recall
The problem is ITAR rather than it now applying to small businesses.
Just picked up my Tri Star Canik T100 in black. Range report coming tomorrow but wow is she a looker!!!!
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