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Preparedness and Survival / Re: Experimenting With Sheeple
« Last post by Feud on Today at 09:30:35 AM »
Alternatively, a similar experiment might be played by getting two or three people to post articles on a gun forums about politician X or the ATF proposing gun restrictions. Of course, simple googling would show this wasn't true, but then you see what kind of froth gets kicked up by those willing to assume the worst.

Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Trail Cams
« Last post by Guy1az on Today at 08:41:04 AM »
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Trail Cams
« Last post by Guy1az on Today at 08:05:08 AM »
Im not sure how the distribution of power works inside the Catholic church to where, even if correct Pope could do anything about it, but if I read into this correctly it appears that the catholic church owns the banks that's owns the major share of Beretta.  Irony.
Well I figured I was going to hell anyways, so good to know I can bring my AR15s, 870 and EDC Beretta!  :thumbup :twoars :twoguns :dualcool

Maybe hell is where all the .22LR went!  :rotfl

I gave up giving a dang what the Pope said a long time ago. There may be some small community somewhere that lives like he thinks we should - but it is far from the reality of the world we all live in. Lets see him (or anyone) come in and live in any of our lives for a week, he'd be singing a different tune.
Personally I think the Pope shouldn't throw stones.  After all what church was directly responsible for the Spanish Inquisition?  As we know, the Catholic church has done the wrong thing on at least 1 occasion (I'm being nice!) in it's history.  While they would certainly prefer that we not hold them responsible for indiscretions of the past, I think this is just another example of the church taking a poorly thought out and misinformed position.
One of those would be neat to shoot but I'd skip buying it.
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Daewoos (as per CarniK Con)
« Last post by ItWasntMe on Today at 07:13:18 AM »
That was great.
I don't really care what he says about me. At least as much as I care about anything said by any other public figure who would choose to outlandishly characterize me or others. But he also didn't really say it so bluntly either. People ran with it and it ended up everywhere and misinterpreted by the likes of InfoWars, etc... :rolleyes

Edit: Can't type on phone today.
Are you Christian and a gun owner? I am ... However, according to Pope Francis, you can't be both! Well, he can be both, but apparently us, normal, citizens cannot be both!

I don't know about many of you, but that pretty much boils my blood! How dare you tell me I cannot be Christian because I believe in firearms! And then how dare you preach hypocrisy!

What do you think friends?
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