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Tactical Instincts / Re: New Custom Mix Color
« Last post by Dark Sky Solutions on Yesterday at 11:49:15 PM »
Ok guys,  going to pull the trigger on my wife's new carry gun. I think I am going to go with your "not Tiffany blue" lol. I couldn't help myself.  I'll be in touch when I get her new XDs in stock and get the slide to you guys ASAP. Hopefully it will be your first in your new color.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: BBQ Sauce
« Last post by Thernlund on Yesterday at 11:30:43 PM »

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: BBQ Sauce
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Yesterday at 11:03:37 PM »
is there goin to be any shoots up in Prescott late May early June. I think a shoot/BBQ would be great.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: BBQ Sauce
« Last post by Thernlund on Yesterday at 10:51:50 PM »
Are we volunteering to taste test then?  If so, I'm in.

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: BBQ Sauce
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Yesterday at 10:44:27 PM »
id be down for the hot Carolina and the FK Mommy one.

I go crazy for some devils spit from famous daves.
Reloading and Handloading / low charge kaboom?
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Yesterday at 10:37:29 PM »
ok ive heard the myths but never seen it first hand.
the theory is, the charge starts to push the bullet down the barrel but the low "slow burning" charge doesn't push the bullet clear of the barrel creating an obstruction, then an erratic or secondary pressure curve forces the pressure back to the chamber/pistol creating a kaboom.

again ive never seen it happen. I ask cuz im using A1680 w/ 335gr 500SW bullets looking for around 1300FPS. Im not finding any data to match tht. close but not a match. Im not far off but enough look for info. im at about 1-1.5 under min for jacketed. which is still 41grs.

FYI I run 16.5 grs of a1680 @ 1600fps for 300BO
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: BBQ Sauce
« Last post by Son of Jared on Yesterday at 10:35:01 PM »
I really don't know much about BBQ sauce but the trend in foods would suggest the natural/organic is here to stay and growing. Stay away from any preservatives, keep it pure and simple. Just my thoughts.   :-) Build a small organic company, sell out to some big conglomerate and retire to some Polynesian island.   :woot

Lucky BBQ Sauce, and you thought we just made jeans?   :rotfl
For the longest time every gun shop, gun show, shooting range I went to was jam-packed and jelly-tight with assholes.  These are the guys that are 6'3" and 300lbs, old and grizzled like a used Michelin - And their FAAAAAVORITE caliber was always 10mm or 44mag or 300win or some other large and powerful combination.  I'd tell them I'm interested in a <<insert any other pistol / rifle here>> and would get the, "Oh if you don't carry a full sized 1911 with a 1" long slide and a compensator in 10mm then you ain't a real man!"  Why that pistol?  That caliber?  That configuration?  Because it is what they carry.  I'm sorry but I'm not going to drag around rolling luggage to carry a 12 pound pistol in a caliber that costs me $3.87 every time I squeeze the trig.

I'd even see them making the same recommendation to small framed pixie-waif women (4' 11" and 88 pounds) looking to purchase their first handgun after a divorce.  "Oh, ma'am!  You need this baby right here.  Nuthin' tells your Ex he ain't welcome like a 50 caliber Desert Eagle.  We can even have it Ceracoated in titty-pink just for you."  I actually heard that term used when trying to sell a gun to a female.  Didn't even know "titty-pink" was a real color.  Apparently you have to get the 64 pack of Crayolas to get that one, cause my 48 pack never had it.

I was shooting .40 at the time and because my pistol was sub compact (I've discussed this in more detail elsewhere here regarding .40 ballistics) I preferred something lighter than the full 180 grain bullets.  But that's all these jackwads sold and if yo asked for 165 grain they'd openly mock you in their store / range.

My father-in-law took his Colt 1911 into an LGS and had a slide job done on it.  Two years later at the same shop he was trading it in on another pistol and when they looked at his to give him a value they said, "This pistol is worthless.  Someone buggerd it up with a dime store garage hack slide job.  This is the reason you should only let professionals service your weapon."  He told them they were the ones who did the slide job, canceled the sale on the new pistol and asked for a refund on the slide job (the receipt for the job was in the box with the pistol).  They gave him 50% refund and he took it somewhere else.

As a result of the chronically poor, rude, degrading service I had experienced in a multitude of different locations, I made it my mission in life to own and operate one of these establishments and to only staff it with people that had FANTASTIC customer service skills.  Any one Pro 2A enough to come in the door of a gun shop deserved to be treated like royalty.  Who cares if they are buying a Hi-Point or a High Standard.

...But then I moved to Arizona and every one out here has been super cool and fantastic to deal with at any 2A related establishment.  So it kind of blew the myth right out of the water that you can be nice and sell guns at the same time.

LOL  Nice write up. Funny.   ;-D

You know, there used to be this guy that worked at J&G..............the complete opposite of the type you are describing. This guy LOVED talking about guns and he would talk to anyone. I used to try to eves drop on his conversations just so I could get an earful of what he was saying. When I went in there to actually buy a gun, I always hoped that I would get him as the salesperson. He always brought a certain excitement to the conversation. Those are the type of guys you hope to meet in a gun store.  :-)
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: BBQ Sauce
« Last post by LuckyLeaky on Yesterday at 10:10:29 PM »

I wouldn't mind being a taste tester. Noms.

you live close enough so that could be arranged  ;-)

Was thinking about making some for the next shoot I go to....give out some freebies to get some more input
I think they have a serious problem over there in Albuquerque and it is finally catching up with them. Hopefully something will come of this.
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