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The alleged bad guy had a BB gun.
The crew member was shot by a police officer.
Shit I wish.....cant be a cop though because of my arm tattoo. Might send a wrong message with the word Korrupt tattooed on my arm.
:rotfl That's generally why I've refrained from getting any tattoos or piercings... yet.  ;-)
I had a chance to have a crew ride with me one time when they were filming in our district. I politely said Hell No!
Don't blame ya. Sounds like a great opportunity to be scrutinized by millions of people, and lots of extra people to protect on top of yourself. I bet it's cool to see yourself on TV like that, but I can't imagine the actual filming process is anything but incredibly stressful.
Shit I wish.....cant be a cop though because of my arm tattoo. Might send a wrong message with the word Korrupt tattooed on my arm.
General Firearms Discussion / Re: S&W AR-15 sales down over 60%
« Last post by anm2_man on Today at 07:18:45 AM »
I guess Jessie James will be the first one out of business, or is he already  ?   :rotfl
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Crap Taxidermy
« Last post by Harm on Today at 07:11:08 AM »
Ha that's fantastic!
Nah Im just kidding.... :rotfl
I just assumed you meant as an officer... didn't get the joke that you were implying you had been arrested on TV until I woke up and drank some coffee.  :facepalm
Nah Im just kidding.... :rotfl
Rifles / Re: Dedicated home defense AR-15
« Last post by Arizonagunsmith on Today at 05:48:33 AM »
I have been wondering if any of you have thought about the noise issue... I have personally fired a handgun, a rifle and a shotgun, both in a house and from inside a car, at night, both times wearing hearing protection. The concussion was forceful from inside the car on your face. And you will lose your vision temporarily from shooting any weapon at night due to the muzzle flash. I know as l have done it on a police range when we were working out the details of night shoots. The blast even from a 38 spl. out of a 4 inch gun was so bright that the next shot was nearly impossible to take with any accuracy and with each subsequent shot your vision got to where all you could see was the "orange ball of flame." We did it with a shotgun a few hours later and that was much easier as the flash was some distance from the shooters eyes. The M16's were somewhere in between in the muzzle flash blinding you. The test of conditions from inside a patrol car were only magnified as the flash was now contained. The smell of fired weapons inside the vehicle was over powering making you want to puke after a dozen rounds. The "house" shoot was a bit easier on the eyes than that from inside the vehicle but the results were nearly the same as to the lose of vision. Through the tests, there was one shot that the Sgt. fired the rifle from inside the house that my hearing protection was not on my head but hanging on my belt and let me tell you... That one round made me want to answer the telephone the rest of the night. I could not hear very well and according to policy l had to go for an audio test later that week. We took a lot of photos courtesy of our forensic lab who gave us a high speed camera to use as they didn't want to come out in the middle of the night. They also loaned us a decibel meter with a paper tape that we tried to wear the microphone on our persons and we used it at a distant of 10 feet.  I can only tell you that your vision will be harmed as well as your hearing even if its temporary. The testing we did out in the open area of our range was the easiest to see after each shot and the decibel meter told us that an officer in the open has a better survival rate to remain in the fight due to his vision and hearing not being compromised as severely as being in a house or vehicle.

The reason l am up at this time of night is my pup started to puke up her dinner at 04:00 hr... oh yeah. I can only tell you that jumping up from a nights sleep and trying to figure things out of a slumber is difficult and there was no panic that someone was in the house. Think about it... would you have time to put on body armour and get it fastened while someone was prowling towards you??? Much less the where for, to do much about finding shoes and eyeglasses. My own experiences tells me to stick with the KISS principle  and first is find a way out of immediate harm without engagement then once that's done to go to plan B. The LEO's on here will tell that there is a hell of a lot of paperwork once you pull the trigger. Just put on a pair of sunglasses and turn the lights out in your house, work out your plan. Think its easy?  Believe me l am all for self defense and l will be the first to train for that moment, but when you break the scenario down and look at it from a less stressful position of sitting in your home or office that perhaps you need to rethink your intent. Yes those who have pistols with suppressors on them do have that edge but do you normally have ear muffs in your bedside table??? The whole intent is to survive an intrusion an protect the family.

Being the devils advocate here... but my first line of defense is still a 18" barreled full length stocked shotgun.  When trained to use a police type shotgun its the most effective weapon one can bring to a fight inside a house.

And believe me l have heard every comment before you guys start making them about l will do this or that... in the end its survive that incident to the best you can.

Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Crap Taxidermy
« Last post by ItWasntMe on Today at 05:35:00 AM »
What on Earth were some of these people thinking? This must be preserved so that all future generations of the Internet can witness it...

:doh :saywhat :blink :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl :rotfl

This one isn't terribly bad...

Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Amazing Products
« Last post by swartzkie on Today at 01:26:32 AM »
The wife just started vaping as a way to stop smoking.  She started off on Strawberry and loved it so much she threw out all her smokes.  Seems to be the easiest way to quit if you as me (a non-smoker).  She still gets nicotine, but plans on lowering the levels.  Shes at 18 now and will start diluting with 12 in the future when she is ready.

The itaste mvp is a great little device, there battery life is awesome and they're pretty durable. I dropped mine in the river and after a bag of rice it was good as new again!
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