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20G reduced.
AK sold.
Member Introductions / Re: Thinking of fleeing the PRC, your thoughts?
« Last post by JT on Today at 05:01:37 PM »
As a political refugee I refer to it as the Peoples Republik of Kaifornistan, home of the Kalibanners. When I retired I snuck across the border into the Free State of Arizona. Best move I ever made but I did not have to look for work. I live at Lake Havasu and I like to paddle over to the PRK side and pee on it. Otherwise I try to avoid going there or through it.
Gear and Accessories / Re: gun safes
« Last post by AIM9X on Today at 04:57:36 PM »
Bruce's on Broadway and Tucson.  You are specifying a sort of safe that you probably need to get from a safe store.

May was friends with the other girl since elementary school. May was trying to distance herself from the girl, who may have wanted them to have a dating relationship.

Tragic - sounds like two good kids fell victim to emotions and died senselessly over unrequited love.  That is a hard one to make sense of being completely on the outside, but I can only imagine more so for parents on the inside and friends and family.
I met an off Duty Forest Ranger(CRR-10 years out of 12in the Army: 75 Rangers...has a hot modded Polaris Razor, you know what that means.... An extra t g
What is t j?
I bought a New Burris Fast Fire III with an 8 moa dot.  I had a 3 minute dot but found it washed out on sunny days.  The 8 minute is very easy to see.

I also ordered 1000 147 grain bullets from Eggleston Manufacturing.  I like their bullets because they have a variety of colors.  I can tell what load I'm shooting just by seeing the color.  I load a not of ammo, about 1000 rounds a week and every little bit helps.

I ordered a Highwayman OWB holster from Wes Dahl at Privateer Leather for my Springfield Compact. It should be here in mid March.

Privateer OWBs
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: ELK 2016!!!
« Last post by steve2md on Today at 03:42:15 PM »
Yep, Used to just be me and my pop, but last year my wife's cousin jumped in with us on out deer hunt and got hooked (even though all 3 of us got nothing). This year, my son has decided to start hunting big game as well, so he's in on our ticket as well
Gear and Accessories / Re: gun safes
« Last post by GavenAZ on Today at 03:33:23 PM »
I know of  a few places.

Second Amendment on pima
Sportsman's warehouse on costco drive
Tucson guns and Western Artifacts on broadway
Dicks sporting goods .. both of them. Bit of a limited selection though

Hope this helps.
So was that murder/suicide, suicide pact, or jealousy and self defense?
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