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Thanks for the pics T. It was good to finally make it to a shoot with you guys. Hopefully I will make it to the S&P shoot as well.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Realtor recommendation for Surprise area
« Last post by DuneShoot on Today at 08:43:55 PM »
We have been trying to buy a house for 2 months. 2 have fallen through (for various reasons) and we are now trying for our 3rd. 3 months before that we started the search with the help of Kurtis Fortsie. His search has been tireless, he knows the entire valley very well, can always get a hold of him, and he has flat out busted his ass for us. He's pro 2A!

Kurtis Forstie
Realty One Group
Mobile: 602-326-5720
Fax: 1-888-669-5805
17235 N.75th Ave Suite C-190
Glendale, AZ 85308
Added pictures to the OP!   :thumbup

Off-Topic Discussion / Beer Anyone?
« Last post by 428CJ on Today at 08:22:31 PM »
Thanks for the follow up and additional detail.
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Dove season around the corner
« Last post by TmansDad on Today at 07:25:46 PM »
Hopefully you guys did good. I had three shooters in my group and we limited out with in an hr. From field to the belly!  It was also nice to have fresh Hatch Chili's to. :thumbup

Bacon wrapped and stuffed with hatch chilis with breaded hearts and gizzards and a side of spinach.

Looks Great!  I'm sure they were fantastic!  I tried a new recipe this year for dove and it turned out really well if I do say so myself.  My wife even liked them:-)  Our son gave it 4 thumbs up :thumbup

I marinated them in an avocado vinegarette marinade with a little Lawrys seasoning salt for about 6 hours.  Wrapped them in bacon, grilled them up and put a little tiny dab of BBQ sauce on them.  Very tasty.  I have another recipe I want to try next weekend where I marinade them again the same way but before I wrap them in bacon, I put on some Horseradish and asiago cheese then wrap with bacon and a tiny dab of BBQ sauce (not too much BBQ sauce, it can be overpowering on the flavor).  i do some other meat that way and I love the combination of the Horseradish/Asiago/bacon flavor when added to the meat.  Cheers!
See, that IS a question, can you throw out a police officer renting who has an exemption in law from No-guns signs? Yeah, good luck with that, kick out a cop because he's armed, might make a wee bit of a stink, AND advertise you hate cops. Response times and service might slow down a tiny bit.
For full disclosure, this is NOT me with the issue - my landlord is VERY pro gun - VERY!  One heck of a cool guy. Yes, I did change my post to make more nice - I'd hate losing a venue to spout of about my favorite companies/products. Nice to see you caught that little nugget in there, N.M., wondered if anyone did.
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Dove season around the corner
« Last post by armoredman on Today at 07:15:11 PM »
Harm, you woke me up. Thought the cartels were shooting it out with Pinal County Sheriff deputies...nope, just opening day for dove!

Couldn't go, don't even have a shotgun anymore. :(
Self Defense and Concealed Carry / 19 year old open carry?
« Last post by FreeInAZ on Today at 07:00:00 PM »
Hey Andy - myself & some others get together from time to time for open carry picnics, lunches, dinners etc.. So if you want to give it a try in a reduced stress environment ... I would recommend you join us if you can one of these times in the future. Heck AZCDL is having their annual lunch at the Sheraton crescent center (by coasters & castles) on October 11! That would be a great place for you to see open carry done right ;)

Holster idea in case you missed post above
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