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Gear and Accessories / Re: The Handgun Sling
« Last post by pyrguy on Today at 04:22:23 AM »
I'm old enough to remember Skeeter using a shoestring with a 1911 for iwb carry back in the day.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Do Guns Cause Violence?
« Last post by Dirty Josh on Today at 03:26:57 AM »
Guns don't cause violence anymore then spoons/forks make people fat.

Objects don't come to life and hurt people. It takes a person using a gun for it to do something to others. Same applies to drunk drivers, stabbings, baseball bat beatings, etc etc etc.

I will tell you what leads to violence (IMO) ignorant liberalism.
Feel better now?   Good.   Remember, we're always here for you.   :popcorn
A little. Thank you ;-D
Quick who should we whine about next
Still have 298 NEW Starline shells for 44 mag left.

Price drop since 100 have been gotten rid of, NOW $60!

Willing to offer 150 ct and 148 ct bag for $30 each to!
Hey all!

I've got more stuff I'm trying to sell. Here goes...

38 special Brass:
200 NEW Starline brass shells with 100 shot CBC brass & 20 shot HPR shells... Asking $50.

Primers are Winchester Small Pistol 1000 ct asking $30.

Bullets are Missouri Bullet Company lead 158 gr SWC - 500 ct - asking $35.

Still have NEW 44 mag Starline Brass. Now 298 ct - price drop - down to $60 for lower count! I'm willing to do 150 & 148 ct (divided in half from 298) for $30 each!

As always willing to negotiate in price. Especially if buying more then one item!
Off-Topic Discussion / Yeti coolers
« Last post by car-ram-rod on Today at 12:24:43 AM »
Anyone have one? I'm looking at buying the tundra 110. The old Coleman is falling apart.
Gear and Accessories / Surefire Body Upgrades
« Last post by Harm on Yesterday at 11:35:14 PM »
Just throwing it out there, any of you guys with any of the following older Surefires interested in getting them bored out to accept 18650 Recharcheable Batteries? 

The following models are accepted for bore service on all batches:

$19 - Surefire 3P body
$19 - Surefire 6P body
$19 - Surefire 6PD body
$20 - Elzetta 2 cell body
$22 - Surefire 9P body
$22 - Elzetta 3 cell body
$28 - Surefire 6PX body (head must be removed)
$28 - Surefire P2X body (head must be removed)

$22 - Surefire Z2 body
$22 - Surefire Z2-S body (head must be removed)
$23 - Surefire C2 body
$23 - Surefire M2 body
$23 - Surefire L5 body
$24 - Surefire Z3 body

Take a look here.
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Trail Cams
« Last post by steve2md on Yesterday at 09:48:13 PM »
 :thumbup  looks like the answer was water+food...  Great shots!
Firearms Training and Tactics / Re: Vehicle CQB
« Last post by TCB Firearms on Yesterday at 09:41:41 PM »
I used a rental car to train in at higher speed...proof on concept can be done without damage...mostly

I can also fit cars n my backyard and set up non live fire drills. Many ranges have vehicles available to shoot in/through/from
NFA/Title II / Re: Transferable MK 19
« Last post by steve2md on Yesterday at 09:39:39 PM »
Chalk or Flare only, otherwise, you'd need a tax stamp for EVERY HEDP round you send down range, and I believe BATFE has to be present for grenades and rockets....
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