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Handguns / Re: 9x25 dillon
« Last post by anm2_man on Today at 07:49:32 AM »
Sorry chrome polish

Yep chrome polish works good

Politics and Current Events / Re: Now is NOT the time to give up.
« Last post by JarheadAZ on Today at 06:25:50 AM »
I have thought long and hard about making this post in complete disagreement with my recent decision to leave this forum. But several members here have advised me against leaving, and I have to admit, they have been convincing.

I also need to clarify any misconceptions here about me and my views. I am a serious gun owner, and I get a large part of my enjoyment from recreational shooting. But gun issues do not drive me, my family does.

Back on topic; current politics is an absolute mess. Things are swinging toward new extremes, and that's never good, regardless of sides. Too many people are taking stands which are, or will be, nearly impossible to retreat from. They are wantonly discarding their own careers, and many of them do not see this as a limitation.

Simply, if we are visible or audible in this strife, we are stirring the pot and are a serious part of the problem. This one, we need to leave alone.

It does not help that others are manipulating the playing field, and not in a small or incidental way. I hope they pay a high price for their malicious meddling; but I will not be among those who extract it.

Nobody who advocates violence or irreversible strife is right in this. We all need to back away from the cockfight.

Unfortunately, I don't think that's going to happen.

Getting back to my family, none of this conflict serves their interests. In order for me to be responsible toward them, i need to ensure that I can continue to make my own contributions on their behalf. I can't do that from a hospital bed, or a jail cell, or a grave site. Neither can any others among us.

I grew up in the midst of the riots in Newark NJ. I saw my city burning around me. I sat on my porch step with a loaded shotgun across my lap, just like each and every one of my neighbors.

Not an easy upbringing for a city teenager. I have never been able to fully reconcile that with what was an otherwise gentle and nurturing upbringing. Life still brings us lemons, and right now, we are reaching the point where we can actually drown in our own lemonade.

Think what you want, do what you must, but let it be the other guy who presses the issue. Be not the person who feeds flames. I already have too much to reconcile from my own past, and I sincerely hope the rest of you here don't need to fail in their reconciliation, or to tread water in this rising sea of lemonade. Things can go too far to reconcile, well before our better angels can step in to prevail.

Greg Langelius

PS I have never done the Gangsta stuff. I have done the Marine Corps combat stuff, and I pray I will never have to do it again.
Politics and Current Events / Re: Now is NOT the time to give up.
« Last post by JarheadAZ on Today at 06:19:26 AM »
duplicate post
Yah... I made the mistake of showing her the post... she has been wanting an AR pistol for a while now
That was your wife? Thou livest dangerously... :shocked
Not aware of anything locally but there are a few on this site :   Go to the index and select Military Mausers in the center column. 
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Tactical-isthenics....
« Last post by patkelly4370 on Yesterday at 06:44:52 PM »
Thanks for that.
Had to share it.

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But she has a point dude.
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