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Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Trail Cams
« Last post by coelacanth on Today at 01:27:38 am »
Definitely more than one animal.  I count three with distinct differences from the posted pics.   :hmm
Wow! thanks for the hard work
Had to edit the "2R" that somehow got added in front of every bills number. LOTS of bills to protect elections from fraud this year and more being filed.
Wow that's a lot, thank you for doing this. So much actually goes on legislation-wise without the public's awareness.
Wow, there's a lot out there, a lot of good, and a lot of crappy. is the website, and if you haven't done so yet, I urge you to both join AZCDL and register on the Right To Speak system - AZCDL will help you do that.
For example HB 2361 THROUGH HB 2367 are all attempts are limiting your firearms rights, including 2365, the Severe Threat Order of Protection, i.e. red flag.
Please note the "good/Bad" are solely my personal opinion, and I invite you to read each bill in full on the website to make your own determination.  Also, this only applies to all bills submitted and listed on the website as of 22:30 AZ time on 1/23/2022.
HB2166 - TPT; use tax; exemption; firearms            Good   
HB2193 - state law; local violations; repeal.            Bad   
HB2198 - employee termination; COVID-19 vaccine; compensation             Good     
HB2237 - same day voter registration; prohibition             Good   
HB2242 - voter registrations; validation requirement               Good     
HB2251 - lasers; assault; peace officers; penalty              Good     
HB2291 - schools; prohibited instruction; civil penalty               Good   
HB2296 - government-issued voter identification; requirement     Good   
HB2304 - prohibited weapon; bump-fire device; accessory    Bad   
HB2316 - misconduct involving weapons; public places         Good   
HB2317 - appropriation; border fence construction            Personally I am all for this one   
HB2361 - firearm purchases; waiting period; offense             Bad   
HB2362 - firearm dealers; firearms transfers; requirements            Bad   
HB2363 - firearm sales; permit verification; requirements          Bad   
HB2364 - patient information; gun safety; appropriation          Bad   
HB2365 - severe threat order of protection            REALLY BAD   
HB2366 - firearm sales; transfers; background checks            REALLY BAD 
HB2367 - firearm; ammunition storage; civil penalty            Bad   
HB2402 - automatic voter registration; same day.           Bad   
HB2414 - misconduct involving weapons; school grounds             Good   
HB2447 - firearms; universities; community colleges; campus             Good   
HB2448 - firearms safety; training; schools                 Barely good, but a step in the right direction   
HB2469 - early ballots; polling place; tabulation             Good   
HB2472 - businesses; firearms; unlawful acts                Good   
HB2473 - firearms; contracts; prohibited practices             Good   
HB2489 - provisional concealed weapons permit           Good but weird, making 18-20 year olds have a permit, only good if morphs into 18-20 years olds getting Constitutional Carry   
HB2492 - voter registration; verification; citizenship        Good   
HB2498 - COVID-19; vaccination requirements; prohibition          Good   
HB2514 - day of racial healing; observed            Ridiculous   
HB2571 - early voting; limitations; hand count                 Good   
HB2577 - voter identification; ballots; delivery; process           Good     
HCR2013 - firearm sales; transfers; background checks          Bad   
SB1008 - elections; recount margin                 Good   
SB1032 - border fence construction; appropriation              Good   
SB1033 - riot; unlawful assembly; classification; liability           Good   
SB1037 - prohibited weapons; muffling device; repeal            Good   
SB1057 - no fly lists; due process             Good   
SB1058 - drive-up voting; prohibition             Good   
SB1123 - disruption; educational institution; concealed weapon            Good   
SB1124 - concealed weapons permit; fee; applications             Good   
SB1125 - firearms and equipment; regulation             Good     
SB1177 - concealed weapons permit; renewal application            Good   
SB1186 - death certificates; gender               Idiotic   
SB1220 - property; firearms clauses; agreements; prohibition           Good   
SB1226 - immigration; law enforcement; repeal            Bad   
SB1251 - armed robbery; deadly weapon; classification                Good 
SB1252 - justification; physical; deadly force; sentencing           Interesting, calling it good   
SB1260 - registrations; early voting; move notice           Good
SCR1008 - Antifa; domestic terrorist designation              And hell yes.

Again, my personal opinion only, but I think you will probably agree on the majority of them.
That was about 2 hours of surfing the bills...I MIGHT have missed one or two, but I doubt it
Ammunition / Re: Reload Ammo
« Last post by GTGallop on Yesterday at 05:13:25 pm »
400 Cor-Bon.
Check out the link below. Soviet Stocks has some 1980's Izhmash plum AK stock sets that are currently on sale for $109.
Picked up a new holster for my M&P 9 2.0
Handguns / Re: Custom Leather Pistol Holster
« Last post by JK357 on Yesterday at 04:48:25 pm »
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