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Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Trail Cams
« Last post by coelacanth on Yesterday at 09:28:53 pm »
Stunning stuff.  The juxtaposition of the wildlife in the mountains against the backdrop of the city lights of Tucson is dramatic.   :thumbup

For those of you who haven't been following this thread for all the years I have - just know that this is a labor of love that you are privileged to share in. 

I can't think of anywhere else you could get this kind of content without paying a subscription fee and Guy1az just lays it out for us at no charge.  The amount of equipment necessary to do this pretty extensive as well as being costly to acquire and maintain and the time and talent necessary to sort through and edit the content down to what you see here is also considerable.  We are very lucky to be able to enjoy this thread here and owe the author a debt of gratitude for showing us things few would ever see otherwise. 
Thanks for the update.
Because of my work, I'll have to fund a date several months in advance and use vacation days.

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Got a last minute call from a buddy in the area that teaches Ham Radio Classes.  He had 10 people that were testing today and they didn't have enough Certified Volunteer Examiners so I filled in ad helped him out.

All but 1 person passed and a few upgraded their license from Technician to General.  Overall the group was pretty diverse - not the usual old, bald, fat, white dudes.  There was about a 40% female attendance and about 30% minority.  We also had about 40% under the age of 40.  I really like seeing that.

He's got another class coming up and I'd love to give you the contact info but the class is already full and he has a waiting list for the next class.  It is good to see people embracing the idea of self reliance up here and really starting to build contingency plans and back up skills.  As soon as he sets the NEXT date, I'll post something up here if anyone is looking for a boost in learning.  Some find the "crash course / boot camp" format better and some are better off reading a book and studying for a few weeks.
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Gun safe in the garage in PHX summer?
« Last post by GTGallop on Yesterday at 08:32:00 pm »
When you say "Truck guns," I'm assuming that these are beaters and working guns that you will remove from the vehicle at night and lock up and then in the morning, throw them in the truck and go.  So they will really only be spending nights, maybe a few nights, in the garage.  Right?  I think the firearms, especially all metal firearms will be fine.  My concern is the ammo.

If you keep the chamber empty and then just take the mag in with you, you should be OK leaving it on the night stand.

That heat won't warp your rifles, but it may shorten the life of any red dot or other battery powered optics.
Neither UPS nor FedEx Ground will accept ammo (ORM-D) items at tbeir "stores".  You need to either, take it directly to the station or call them for a pick up.
Yeah, I printed a label for Fedex Ground. Half the price of UPS. I'll drop it off on Monday at their location.
One and only price drop to $1600. 
General Firearms Discussion / Re: Gun safe in the garage in PHX summer?
« Last post by Bayonet on Yesterday at 07:27:31 pm »
During Monsoon season it would be good to check on the guns from time to time and make sure you have a good dehumidifier. When we lived in Tennessee the humidity was bad. I kept a DampRid bag in my safe and I had to change it out often. Here in AZ it's not so much an issue but defiantly during Monsoon season when the humidity level is higher just check on them. I don't know how your garage is set up, but one side of our garage gets a lot of sun light during the day. If you are concerned with the heat I would suggest to avoid putting a safe up next to a wall that is being baked by the sun for hours during the day. So if you can locate the safe in an area that isn't getting as much sun and heat exposure that might help take off a couple of degrees with the temperature. 
Firearms and Non-firearm Weapons Marketplace / Re: Ruger 10/22 w/ metal trigger
« Last post by thom on Yesterday at 07:25:32 pm »
Darn. I wish you were coming south to Phoenix.  Then I would buy it real fast. Great price.
Firearms and Non-firearm Weapons Marketplace / S&W 625-8 Performance Center
« Last post by azdover on Yesterday at 07:21:18 pm »
S&W 625-8 Performance Center 45 ACP.
- All the usual Performance Center upgrades - trigger over travel stop, brass bead front sight, red-white-blue laminated grips (in case you're color blind), etc.
- 5 metal and 5 plastic moon clips
- Box & papers
- 150-200 rounds max (I don't count)


NFA/Title II / Re: WTB m60
« Last post by timelinex on Yesterday at 07:05:56 pm »

I am actually looking for both a M60 and M16

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