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Off-Topic Discussion / Re: You dont f**k around with Phoenix PD
« Last post by GTGallop on Yesterday at 05:43:31 pm »
What almost drove me off a cliff was that guy's girlfriend that wanted to get in the face of that punk.......WHILE HE'S GOT A GUN IN HIS HAND.  If it hadn't been for the boyfriend, she might have been toast.  Unbelievable, some of these broads that care more about making a point than getting the hell out of danger.

The girl aside......
That footage right there where he is holding a gun to her face.
That is a perfect example of why you shouldn't carry on an empty chamber.

I carry 4:00 IWB.  Normally would never have NEVER drawn on someone who already had a gun out and on us.  But in that instant his 4:00 is hidden by the girl and the perp is looking in the other direction of focused elsewhere.  He (if he was carrying) could have slipped that arm up and ended it there before the police breached the door.

But if he was carrying on an empty chamber, there would have been no way to close his body and bring his other hand over.  He also didn't have the time and or the perp would have shot him and the girl in the process.
I rest my barrel on my foot all the time when clay and trap shooting.
Mine doesn't have any shells in it though.
I only load it when ready to shoot and only 1 or 2 shells depending on how many clays will be in the air.
And I always look down the chamber when done shooting.
My actions are always open until ready to shoot.
Ammo out.
That's it.
Then I'd cut one of the sides, always thinner than the door.  Unless there is a place on the door you can drill and get to the solenoid without breaking the glass relocker, if it has one.

I wonder if a plasma cutter would work on metal that thick, and if so, would it be safe with ammo inside the safe?
Excellent condition with less than 120 rounds through it. It comes with (2) 10 round mags, gun holster, mag holster, re loader, carrying case with chain lock. Matching serial numbers on both carrying case and gun. I'm located in Gilbert/Phoenix area. Bill of sale will be completed upon transaction unless you have a CCW. Asking $650 obo.
Used to see it all the time when I was an avid trap shooter. Mostly from over and under folks with the breech open, but in any case. I didn't post the picture here since I wasn't sure how it would be received being a new guy and all. But the article and picture is here:

Not for the feint of heart:

Curio and Relic / Re: 1931 Tula
« Last post by grossekatz on Yesterday at 05:12:03 pm »
I like the photography. It's way more interesting when some life is added.
Optics / Re: Glock Holosun 507C front sight question?
« Last post by delta6 on Yesterday at 04:30:27 pm »
Firearms and Non-firearm Weapons Marketplace / WTB Higher End AR-15
« Last post by Dullahan on Yesterday at 03:34:05 pm »
Looking to buy a higher end complete AR-15 with my newly arrived fiat currency stimulus money. Looking for a rifle (not pistol) in 5.56. Here's an idea of the manufacturers I have in mind.

Geissele Super Duty
Bravo Company
Daniel Defense
Yankee Hill

Private sale only. CCW and AZDL on my end. (Plus Republican voter ID and photo of my Trump vote ballot for bonus points.)

Let me know what you've got and asking price, thanks!
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