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Curio and Relic / 1931 Tula
« Last post by Bayonet on April 20, 2021, 11:01:15 am »
Let's give some attention to C&R rifles. Being able to collect, preserve, and appreciate the history behind Milsurp rifles has been a fun hobby for me, and I know for many others as well. Here is my 1931 Tula Mosin-Nagant.

Why is it that the crazy people on the left can say whatever they want and not be called out for it? I know that there are some steps being taken to censure Maxine Waters but if she had a "R" after her title there would be 24/7 outrage on what she said.

It seems that people on the opposite side of things never rise up and complain as loud as we should. We have families and jobs and responsibilities that tend to somewhat temper our responses. Where the opposite is often the case for the people that complain the loudest. Over the years it seems like we're just too complacent and quiet about many issues that maybe we shouldn't be.

Is it going to always be that way or do people out there see the tide changing when that tolerance cup runs over?

This sums it up.
Hunting and Outdoors / Re: Trail Cams
« Last post by SupportThe2nd on April 20, 2021, 07:41:46 am »
I decided to set up a trail camera right in our driveway. We get an amazing amount of traffic there at all times and in the backyard by thw water fountain.

Firearms and Non-firearm Weapons Marketplace / Beretta 92FS INOX
« Last post by Jogden2 on April 20, 2021, 07:40:44 am »
Full sized Beretta

Thin aluminum grips plus original rubbers

Blackhawk holster

Three mags

I am near the Chandler Airport


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Optics / Re: Sig optic for AR-15
« Last post by JT on April 20, 2021, 07:27:47 am »
I have a Romeo 5 XDR that I really like but if I wanted magnification I would go with a 1-6X28 scope or similar. You are adding an air gap, exposed lenses and another mechanical part to get broken. Another surface to get wet if it ever rains around here. I have a Vortex Strike Eagle which has an illuminated reticle. At 1X it is as fast as a red dot but can be shot without illumination. Battery life is not even close to the dedicated red dots but you only use it when you need it. Also I can use the scope without my glasses by adjusting the diopter. The 5XDR is on a PCC while the Strike Eagle is on an AR.
Community Events and Announcements / Re: What happened to
« Last post by GTGallop on April 20, 2021, 05:29:02 am »
Damn - I was going to list something there in the coming weeks.
No pictures of the gun in the article, or on their web site, so it doesn't exist...and they didn't combine an AK and an AR, they made an AK that cost too much.

I wish them luck.
Community Events and Announcements / Re: What happened to
« Last post by Casswick on April 19, 2021, 09:59:23 pm »
Dunno. I've been using more often.
Off-Topic Discussion / Re: Immigration in the US
« Last post by Mr. Nobody on April 19, 2021, 07:21:09 pm »
Thank you for doing it the right way firstly.

The fees are honestly ridiculous and just a shake down. Most government taxes are. I don't believe in our tax system as it's set up. Truly, it is the little people who carry the tax system in this country and we often don't get a fair shake. Changes need to be made, and crazy spending reigned in, but of course, good luck with that until DC truly gets fumigated and gets rid of the roaches in both parties.

Secondly, our country is ran by some of the biggest buffoons you'll find anywhere in the world.

You have spineless RepubliCANTs that don't do anything, talk a lot of crap, and shake their fist at the sky when it's election time. Otherwise they suck. That's why they're "RINOs" (Republicans in Name Only).

Then you have the demoRATS (the hated Karens' of the USA). The wannabe dictators, masquerading as supposed do-gooders who are actively and have been trying to wreck this country since their founding and know absolutely no end to their lust for power. They're useless, shrill, and I believe actual monkeys would make better decisions for this country.

Basically, America (as an American) has become one of the dumbest countries guided by emotions on SO MANY ISSUES, and especially the feel sorry for these illegal invaders via media coverage garbage pushing a narrative... No one is putting a stop to it in DC. The ones that try are constantly attacked by the left and the "right", and shouted down or they try to "cancel" you now.

I will tell you right now, what happens in other countries doesn't concern me. What concerns me is when it washes up on our shores and borders. The violence, the drugs, the rapes, the murders, and the losers who have no skill set at all. We don't need these problems here.

I believe America has become a racket for politicians and the rich to take advantage of whatever they can. Many of them want their cheap nannies and cheap labor for their companies (think of the Koch brothers for YEARS pushing for immigration BS). Newly founded ideas of the dimwits is apparently flooding the system with people they want to "give amnesty to" to have a PERMANENT BASE OF FREELOADING VOTERS.

I think coming to this country should also require a basic IQ test. I'm sorry, if you're only as smart as a turnip and you have no skills, we don't need you here. If all you can do is pick fruit, go home. We can replace you with Americans to do that, for a fair wage... or hell, even robots who would probably do a better job anyways (anyone seen the QC on produce that comes to this state? Jesus!)

GT is 100% right (but that's because he's mean and too honest, I kid, I kid) and I've complained about this for years. No handouts to illegals. Frankly half or more of welfare needs to be cut in the US. If you have no job and don't contribute ANYTHING, then you don't deserve help. If we didn't make it so easy to take advantage of the system, half of them wouldn't be here (or more.)

We also need to END ALL FOREIGN AID, but that's a seperate issue, partly. We can't even take care of our own. It gets us nowhere. I'd rather have streets paved with gold and waste money that way instead of giving it to 3rd world shitholes that never change.

We need more good, normal, moral people here from countries that ARE NOT HOSTILE TO US, and that ARE NOT FREELOADERS. Since you seem to fit that, obviously, we are happy to have you here.

I'll dare say it and I don't care, it'd also be nice to priortize English speaking countries or at least fluent English speakers for immigration as well. Tired of the Press 1 for English crap. It's America. Assimilate how all of our familes did when they came over generations and generations ago.

In ending, I guess you should have just hoofed it through Mexico and said you need asylum (I'm kidding).
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