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Author Topic: Machine gun rentals west valley  (Read 984 times)


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Machine gun rentals west valley
« on: November 22, 2019, 03:14:24 pm »
Russian AK47 $.50/round
AR15 556/223 $.50/round
AR15 9mm $.50/round
UZI 9mm $.50/round
Romanian NAK9 $.50/round
Glock 19 $.50/round

MG42 7.62x39 $.75/round
M1919 308 $1.00/round

I prefer to shoot on BLM land near Lake Pleasant up Church Camp Road.
I can schedule other areas upon request.

Minimum $200 rental.

I am located in Surprise so any driving east of 17,  west of 303, north of Lake Pleasant, or south of South Mountain will be an additional fee.

My rentals are focused on safety and fun. No rush. I like to relax and talk guns so this is not like the typical rental gun range where you are rushed in and out like an assembly line. Most of my rental shoots last for 3 hours or more and the average expense is about $300.

PM for more info.

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