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Author Topic: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?  (Read 3533 times)


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Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
« Reply #25 on: July 12, 2020, 06:14:30 pm »
Thank you for this information. Very informing.

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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #26 on: July 12, 2020, 08:18:54 pm »
    Honestly, around here, any OWB holster with an untucked shirt is probably plenty enough cover.  No legal issues with printing and I'm convinced nobody but other "gun people" pay any attention.  Plenty of people carry big cell phones in "holsters" anyway.
    This is pretty much my thoughts as well. I carry a Glock 19 in an OWB kydex 90% of the time, loose polos and button ups (typically plaid pattern) does the trick for me.

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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #27 on: July 12, 2020, 09:43:27 pm »
    interesting topic. I don't know why yet YouTube gave me this as a suggested video. The how can you tell I'm carrying part was  :hmm

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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #28 on: July 13, 2020, 07:36:05 pm »
    AIWB G2C most of the time, on those rare occasions when I have to go out and it's just too hot for that, LCP in right front pocket


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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #29 on: July 13, 2020, 08:58:07 pm »
    Ok - the OP was a year ago so I hope he got the info he needed.  :hmm This said, it's a good topic and worth giving it good run through. I guess I'm one of a few old timers here who open carries a lot so you would think that would put me on the side lines when it comes to "discreetly carrying" a pistol(?) not so, many of us old timers are sneaky, grouchy, old bastards and tend to carry a secondary pistol (or more)... so technically, we're Hybrid carriers. I'll tell you what I avoid vs what I do so you can make your own choices on what works best for you.

    What I avoid: (1)Small of back carry. Why? For me ( a firm follower of Mr. Murphy's gun fighting school) should things go really wrong & I end up falling backwards for some reason(? blood, motor oil, etc...) I really don't want that really hard metal slide or cylinder to fracture my spine, if it can be avoided.
     (2) Appendix carry (aka crotch carry). Yes I know they make really good holsters for it these days, but, I am a firm believer all of the cardinal safety rules of firearm handling, one of which states: "Never point a firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy!"  Now I don't know about you guys(?) but I'm not ready to destroy my nuts or dick any time soon!  :smh :smh
    My primary pistol is usually a double stack 45acp backed up by a smaller, yet mag compatible smaller brother, then a pocket pistol & at times a shoulder rig pistol.  This is all done by choosing the clothing to fit around your gun(s) to wear that: you can deploy them easily, yet still have some cover & air flow. So no, I don't buy pistols to fit my "skinny jeans" as one of our more metro-sexual-ish style conscious posters put here once some years ago... :facepalm
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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #30 on: July 14, 2020, 02:21:33 am »
    I agree with FreeinAz  I am an old guy who prefers open carry.

    My most preferred holster is a pancake with retention snap and a heavy leather gun belt. Favored guns are a Sig 226 Legion 9mm or a FNX 45ACP.  I like full size guns because they are easier to hit something with and faster for follow up shots plus a higher magazine capacity.

     I carry wearing an XL (normal shirt size is a large) loose fitting buttoned shirt that is not tucked into my pants but, tucked behind the gun for open carry and concealed by flipping my shirt over it.  Either way a nice oversize shirt is much cooler in the summer and for a guy with big shoulders it can cover a full size gun the majority of people wont notice.

    I prefer cargo shorts and carry a S&W 642 in a side pocket on the opposite side of my holstered gun to help offset the weight of my Sig. I often carry a 4 inch switch blade in my back pocket too.

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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #31 on: September 16, 2020, 09:01:40 pm »
    I carried a full size pistol concealed under loose t-shirts for years in AZ summers. It's all in the holster AND the belt. Sweat shield on the rig is a must, and making sure the pistol in question has a high quality rust resistant finish is also a requirement. If you are concealing an old Star BM...she's gonna rust on you overnight. Glock, CZ or SIG? You'll be fine. A good solid GUN belt keeps the rig in the same place and minimizes movement, which will cause irritation on bare skin. It also helps spread the load around the waist. I use High Noon myself.
    Nowadays I carry OWB, a CZ P-10C in a High Noon Stingray pancake rig, with long baggy t-shirts. I won't win any fashion awards, but I don't care. The sidearm is concealed effectively.


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    Re: Concealment: How do you conceal your firearm?
    « Reply #32 on: January 10, 2021, 06:09:43 am »
    For me, I have settled on appendix carry. For years I have carry at the 4-5 O'clock position and always had issues with printing, no matter the holster I wore.

    I decided to give appendix carry a try and have not looked back. I am a small frame guy, 71" and 164lbs, and can easily carry a compact to full size gun in the winter and a compact to sub compact gun in the summer very easily in this position. I have a quality holster as well which really helps.

    I know there are many people opposed to appendix carry, but as long as you keep your booger picker off the trigger and leave your gun in the holster, you won't have any issues. It does take a bit of time though to get used to the fact you have a firearm so close to the family jewels.
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