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Author Topic: DHS..defines firearms mfgrs/retailers as “essential businesses"  (Read 361 times)


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Monday, March 30, 2020
SAF Applauds Trump Administration for “Essential” Ruling on Gun Shops
BELLEVUE, WA – Declaring that American gun owners owe President Donald Trump a “very big thank you,” the Second Amendment Foundation today is cheering the announcement from the Department of Homeland Security defining firearms manufacturers and retailers as “essential businesses.

“Every freedom loving American owes President Donald Trump and his administration a very big thank you for protecting our Second Amendment rights,” said SAF founder and Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb in reaction to the DHS announcement. “This is another Trump promise made and promise kept.”

Gottlieb, who has been busy preparing lawsuits against several potential states and even local governments for ordering gun shops to close their doors during the COVID-19 crisis—defining them as “non-essential businesses” while okaying such things as breweries and marijuana shops—was delighted at the news.

“A lot of people have done incredible work this week to make it happen,” he confirmed. “A number of people, including governors and even mayors and at least one California sheriff appear to have let their personal politics get in the way of common sense public policy. During a time of crisis, we can think of no more essential endeavor outside of health care and emergency services than businesses that enable citizens to exercise their fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

“It could be that the American public, by heading to gun shops and sporting goods stores as the Coronavirus panic spread, reminded government officials what the Second Amendment is really about,” Gottlieb observed. “Even people who never before owned a firearm rushed to buy one as the pandemic has spread. Instinctively, people headed to those places where they could buy guns and ammunition, which underscores just how essential those businesses really are.

“The president and his administration have done the right thing,” Gottlieb said. “They are dealing with a national emergency while remembering that no malady, however severe, can nullify or even temporarily suspend the exercise of a constitutionally delineated fundamental right.”

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    Re: DHS..defines firearms mfgrs/retailers as “essential businesses"
    « Reply #1 on: March 30, 2020, 07:07:36 am »
    I was actually hoping that wouldn't happen.

    Follow me on this one.....

    During a disaster / pandemic / etc, government shuts down the 2A industry.
    People can't get access to firearms.  The government has infringed and people now see the full value of being able to get a gun when you want one.

    Nothing turns people on the fence into 2A supporters like having a potential enemy at your gates and being told "No - Your safety isn't Essential."
    I think those new converts would be more valuable to the cause than the ones that casually buy now and pawn it back in three months with the casual attitude that guns have little value because I can essentially "rent" one when I need it.
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    Re: DHS..defines firearms mfgrs/retailers as “essential businesses"
    « Reply #2 on: March 30, 2020, 04:42:59 pm »
    Clearly you haven't done much business with pawn shops.  Just walking through the door is generally a money losing proposition for most.  I agree with your thinking that people on the fence can be swayed to our point of view by denial of their rights - but - I think the same thing is already happening with states opening the prisons and letting the inmates roam free and police curtailing arrests for "non-serious crime".  Because " Pandemic! "   :hmm
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    Re: DHS..defines firearms mfgrs/retailers as “essential businesses"
    « Reply #3 on: March 30, 2020, 08:50:51 pm »
    Yeah, GT i see where you are coming from. Thats a tough one. I do think the 4473 is probably a surprise to many, and having to have an in state ID for a handgun and age restrictions as well. Hopefully it gives us all opportunities to educate and assist some new folks.  Assuming our econony doesnt look like Venezuela by the end of the year!
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    Some from CA that I know have related that some "anti 2A" individuals have had an eye-opening experience.
    They always thought "you just go buy a gun".
    Pay for & take a test for a Firearm Safety Card. THEN choose a firearm. THEN a background check. THEN (to their surprise) wait 10 days.
    Ok, finally got a gun. Now need ammo. Another background check.
    And if one is a long time, yet unaware gun owner, long time as in pre- CADOJ registration, you can't buy ammo. You have to be in the CADOJ database. Plus the ammo background check.
    So recently, vocal antis that secretly became not anti have become victims of themselves.

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