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Author Topic: Looking for Rectile  (Read 220 times)


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Looking for Rectile
« on: October 18, 2020, 02:24:48 am »
Looking for a "do it all" LPVO for SHTF (or whatever we are calling a general upending of normal life this week). Home defense is taken care of already with a T2, I'm looking for an LPVO or similar that is almost as fast/durable and with as low a signature (no/low forward light emission). What I want the LPVO to bring to the table that the T2 cannot is more magnification and the best recticle possible for a world that could be without batteries. A reticle that can work well on 1x without illumination, in conjunction with a white light, and also stretch out at 6-10x and be usable. Price isn't much of an issue. So far I'm considering:

1.) Khales K16i (SM1 reticle) or K18i (3GR reticle).

2.) Vortex Razor Gen II-E or Gen III.

3.) S&B Short Dots - maybe dual CC?

4.) Elcan 1x/4x.

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