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Author Topic: Looking for a new spot with some decent yardage. Also, saw a killer deal..  (Read 162 times)


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 I'm trying to find a good spot to plink at a few hundred yards in the greater Tucson area. I've been hitting up a few gun ranges since the Canoa exit spot on I-19 got closed down. I don't haul out anything other than bottles and paper targets to destroy and I clean up after myself. I know most shooters don't like revealing their spots, but I typically shoot once or twice a month and am typically alone of with my wife. If anyone would be nice enough to give me some pointers on where to go, I'd appreciate it.

On another note, I was searching for some .223 ammo and decided to stop by SNG tactical in Tucson and had no luck. I noticed they have an M82A1 chambered in 50 BMG, factory fresh, for 6k. Talked to one of the guys there and asked him why it was priced so low. He said some poor sap bought it online, and ended up failing the background check. Turned it over to them instead of sending it back. Had I not spent my stimulus/tax money on other toys I would have definitely taken her off their hands. Last I saw those puppies can run upwards of 8k.

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