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Author Topic: 60 Minutes tonight: Arizona Oath Keepers criticize group's national head  (Read 146 times)


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Arizona Oath Keepers criticize group's national head over members' breach of Capitol

The largest chapter of the national militia group says Oath Keepers national head Stewart Rhodes "refuses to talk" with them. 60 Minutes reports on the group, Sunday.

The largest chapter of the Oath Keepers sharply criticized its national leader for the breach of the Capitol on January 6, when several Oath Keepers in military gear went through the building's doors. Oath Keepers national head, Stewart Rhodes, was present outside the Capitol and in communication with the group's members there that day, some of whom are targets of the FBI's investigation into the riot. The Oath Keepers is a 12-year-old organization whose members swear to uphold their oath to the U.S. Constitution and regularly bear arms and wear military gear in public; the FBI calls the group an anti-government militia movement. Sharyn Alfonsi reports on the Oath Keepers on the next edition of 60 Minutes, Sunday, April 18 at 7 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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