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Author Topic: Not holding people accountable for what they say when it encourages violence.  (Read 152 times)


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Why is it that the crazy people on the left can say whatever they want and not be called out for it? I know that there are some steps being taken to censure Maxine Waters but if she had a "R" after her title there would be 24/7 outrage on what she said.

It seems that people on the opposite side of things never rise up and complain as loud as we should. We have families and jobs and responsibilities that tend to somewhat temper our responses. Where the opposite is often the case for the people that complain the loudest. Over the years it seems like we're just too complacent and quiet about many issues that maybe we shouldn't be.

Is it going to always be that way or do people out there see the tide changing when that tolerance cup runs over?

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    This is where I stand thoroughly disappointed with the Republicans.

    The Dems are down and dirty knife fighters.  They poke and jab and swing that knife 24/7 but the Republicans think they are above that and don't play that game.  And every now and again they land a solid stick.  It is costing republican seats and it is costing us our freedom!

    I want to see every Dem held to the same standard that they have brought forward on every impeachment and on every indictment.  I hate how they bring up hat "Hillary isn't a criminal because she was never charged."  But she admitted wrong doing and was found to have a mountain of evidence against her - no one contested that.  Just that Comey never leveled charges.

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    Most RepubliCANT (because they CAN'T seem to do anything) politicians are squishy and spineless. Afraid to play the game, I suppose. We got that jackass Boener crawling out from under his rock decrying "America First" as bad. The guy is a loser. Many of them are. They need to be forced out. We need populist candidates.

    Enough of the "we're above their way of doing things." Sometimes you gotta get down in there and fight. If your opponet fights dirty, you'll never win fighting fairly.

    As GT pointed out, it's costing us, BIGLY.

    I am someone who truly does believe rampant fraud cost us the election. Very few of our elected morons have really tried to dig into it. Many more want to seemingly cover it up. They were too happy to let it go because they all win in the end.

    At this point, it's mostly a uni-party. We have a few AWESOME people who keep fighting, but they're against a corrupt government with the demoRATs and Media running interference, and spineless majority of RepubliCANTs that don't want to do anything about it. They're just happy to collect an easy paycheck and screw us over the same as the dems.

    It is past time for EVERYONE to take a stand, but namely our politicians, and make our voices heard.

    The "Silent Majority" needs to not be so silent. We don't need riots and theatrics, but make your voices heard. Otherwise we'll go from choosing to be quiet and reserved to forced silence.

    If we don't assert our status and we continue to cower and be cowards as a whole, it'll only get worse.
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