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Author Topic: My First NSCA match  (Read 1632 times)


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My First NSCA match
« on: November 04, 2014, 07:07:59 pm »
Well, after shooting a few fundraiser sporting clays events and doing ok (placing 3rd in each) I decided to join the NSCA...

I am starting off my exhibition of competitions by shooting in the Fiocchi Cup Nov 20th-23rd, its one of the bigger matches in AZ so I run a good chance of getting my ass spanked. That doesn't phase me though because it will just keep me humble and hungry :)

I am in E class so there's only 30 or so people I am directly competing with, unless of course I wanted to go for Highest Overall score, in which case I would have to beat out 300+ other people lol.

If any other azgo members will be there we should meet up on one of the days or at the awards ceremony Sunday evening.

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